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Mail Provider

Mail service provides the management of the mail service required for the "Sponsor E-Mail verification method" on the captive portal screen.

Wirofy also provides users with mail integration services for use in the sections required.

In the management panel; It can be accessed from the "Menu > Settings > Mail Services" page.

Adding New Mail Service

By clicking the "+" button in the upper left corner of the opened page, a new mail service addition form can be reached.


Then the form on the opened page should be filled.

  • Service Name: The name that will be used to identify the mail service.
  • Provider: Mail services that are integrated with Wirofy. If the e-mail service you want to use is not listed, you can contact Wirofy and request integration.

Different form fields will be opened according to the selected service. The connection information required for mail integration should be entered in these form fields. {.is-info}


Then the form should be saved by clicking the "Save" button.

Editing and Removing Mail Service

Operations can be performed with the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons on the far right of the list.