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It enables users to be verified before connecting in Access Pointer, Router, Firewall or similar devices integrated with Wirofy.

Hotspot systems are a system that allows users to access the internet by verifying them with various methods before taking them to the internet. It is also the system that allows the user to record user reports according to the features of the system.

It is a feature developed due to the widespread use of the Internet and the security of public networks. This feature allows people who provide only the necessary verifications to the internet to go on the internet according to certain rules.

Wirofy cloud system is a system used to improve the authentication methods of the devices.

Working system

The user connected via a port, bridge or wifi that requires authentication on the network device is directed to Wirofy by the device.

After verifying the user with various methods in Wirofy, it transmits the information necessary for the verification of this user to the device.

If the device supports it, it will verify the user via Wirofy Radius server.

If the user is verified, the internet access of the user will be allowed.